Are You Happy in Your Married Life?

Husband and Wife, if they need to even ask this question to themselves, then indeed, they aren’t? 

The divorce rate is on high growth. LGBT is the talk of the world. Extramarital affairs and remarriages are prominent in tradition. What do we understand with these statements? It proves that a couple is not happy in married life. There could be numerous reasons why marriages are not in a happy state during the twenty-first century in society. The loving human relationship between husband and wife is deteriorating at a rapid pace worldwide. Slowly and steadily, even the acceptance of unhappiness is visible in the general vicinity.  

Is it necessary to remain happy in married life for a husband and wife? What do you think? 

The obvious answer is YES. Why? Two humans who are poles apart are under one roof in marriage to satiate some desires, and if they do not remain happy. Do you think they will spend their life with each other? Out of the question? They won’t. If we leave the husband and wife relationship and talk about any other relationship, be it friendship, be it employer-employee, be it businessman-customer. If you are not happy, you won’t continue any of the connections. The same condition applies to the institution called marriage. If husbands and wives are not pleased with each other, how would they remain bonded in their marriage?      

What is the solution for this? 

The solution is to understand the basics of marriage. Why two humans, who are poles apart, marry each other?  Is it so essential to remain happy in married life? YES. Provided you want to stay forever in this life with your wife. Once we could decode the genome of the roots of marriage, it will be easy to remain happy and in the union with the same husband or wife. We, humans, need the counterpart in life for various reasons. If living in marriage is the truth of life, then why not to live happily? SPECULATE

To remain in a happy state of mind with husband or wife, “Do you think that LOVE plays a vital role in keeping the relationship happy?”

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<strong>Soumitra's Mission</strong>
Soumitra’s Mission

To help people build a happy human relationship to live a harmonious life.

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