Communication Gap Between Husband And Wife

Absence of communication is one of the most stressful problems in a marriage. I am sure you will agree with this. Communication covers both verbal and nonverbal cues; that is why even a slight change in the facial expression or in the body language of someone we know for a long time can be easily misperceived. Men and women behave very differently when it comes to communication. If such issues occur in a married relationship, then marriage’s sanctity happens to be at stake because of improper contact. Thus, healthy communication is the backbone of a successful marriage. 

Communication as a need

We human beings possess a fundamental need to communicate, and we all must have witnessed this too during the pandemic’s lockdown. We need someone to share our thoughts and feelings with, no matter how introverted we are. This also becomes the reason for the beginning of many relationships. But as the communication gap increases, there are chances that it is making space for somebody else to enter and fill the void, and this is how a relationship of a couple comes to an end as they start searching for a third person to talk to. 

So how do we stop this and communicate, you ask? Here are a few tips every couple should know for healthy communication between the two:

  1. Communication is not just about talking but also listening.

No one can solve problems with just a moving mouth. It also takes a listening heart to communicate and reach your spouse’s emotion truly. You must be able to read between the lines and understand their feelings. But this does not mean that you always have to agree with everything they are saying. It just means that you are making them comfortable to share their heart without being judgemental. So it is not necessary to always talk, but you both should be able to connect.

  1. Do not hesitate or fear communication.

I have seen some people who are unwilling to talk appropriately with their spouse because they think it will worsen the overall situation. So they don’t bring up anything and are not open to their issues because they simply don’t want to hurt the other person. But honest and open communication is the bedrock of a stable and reliable relationship. It will pave the way to pour out your heart.  

  1. Be appreciative and compliment your partner.

Communication is not all about the sharing of negative thoughts and feelings. It’s also about using positive words to flourish your relationship and show how much you care. Kind words of appreciation and gestures help a lot in showing that you understand all the external stress and problems your partner is going through. Complimenting them would take minimal effort, doing wonders boosting your partner’s self-confidence and strengthening your relationship.

  1. Spend more time together rather than spending on social media

How much time do you spend together communicating enthusiastically about everything that is happening in your lives? Instead, keep staring at your phones even when you two are in the same room? Couples should never underestimate the importance of spending time together.

  1. There’s a lot more in a happy relationship.

I have talked more about happy relationships in my book ‘Love Your Wife‘ and failing to apply them might lead to a mutual lack of understanding and relationship gap. So be ready to grab your copy on 14th January 2021!

<strong>Soumitra's Mission</strong>
Soumitra’s Mission

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