Do Husband & Wife Acknowledge their bond in Physical Gatherings?

Husband & wife do not acknowledge their bond in physical gatherings, do they? 

Society has got diminution on the ground of physical presence. The physical reality has its limitations up to a close circle, and social media has replaced the broader circle. Social gatherings of thirty years back are not in culture. The scenario has turned upside down in the current time. The limited physical group has lost the need to acknowledge the bond of husband and wife. The common excuse is due to time constraints, making it rather essential to get along with others instead of each other. The result is this non-acknowledgment leads to intolerance even in public.

Couples are less worried about their presence in public, especially in their close circle. What do you think? 

Couples who are keeping a good show on social media are reluctant to keep the same in their physical presence. They have become intolerant for even the slightest of mistakes committed by any of the partners. In the dominating male society, and male being the show stopper, takes advantage on many occasions. He ignites the counterpart even on the silliest of the incidents of his dislikes. The reasons could be innumerable to depict, as each reason won’t be suitable for others, even in the same situation. Many times, even the care credit that is a gesture of loyalty or love for his wife misses in his acknowledgment. 

What is the solution for this? 

Although the solution is not as simple as it seems, the rage sores to the extent of horizon limits for the extreme heights in every relationship, both of them need to walk towards each other to find a way out. Spending quality time, keeping the mobile away while talking, trying to understand each others’ point of view is the way to seek solutions. There is a dire need for both husband and wife to appreciate their presence in life on the emotional level. Why do you need a wife or husband in your life, is the crucial question to be answered on a prima facia level. 

Because of being intolerant even in public, “Does he appreciate you in public or scold and put up a fight every time?” THINK.

Stay tuned to get insight into my next blog and detailed solution in my nonfiction book coming soon.

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