Do Husband & Wife fight with each other?

Husband and wife fight with each other either in public or in private, don’t they? 

Intolerance with each other’s presence has come out from private to public. The scenario has changed. Non-appreciation, non-acknowledgment, ignorance, and prejudice for each other, even in public gatherings, are very prominent nowadays. Mostly the male ignites the situation by getting dissatisfied with a trivial step or decision taken by his wife. The male being a ruling party, head of the family, the family’s earner, thinks that the family is also my subordinate, and the wife must be obedient. According to the husband, the ignition occurs when a wife puts her foot in the wrong shoe. 

Is Satisfying EGO much more important than the relationship between husband and wife? What do you think? 

Why does the husband want his wife to act as per his choice? It is because; every male has his EGO, which needs to be satisfied. I am the head of the family, earn, and work the whole day for the family. The fight starts because the wife is not following the instructions or putting a step that was not supposed to be taken from the husband’s viewpoint. A husband is the head and the decision-maker in the family, and a wife is a human who has to follow her husband’s instructions. Any moment the husband finds his wife not following his instructions, it ignites his anger, and the visible result is the fight between the two. Another essential factor for consideration is work frustration. Is the fight an outcome of work anxiety in private or in public?      

What is the solution for this? 

The solution is not possible in one word, one-act, or one sentence. There is a dire need to understand the breathing space between the husband and wife relationship. 

Why did the institution called marriage come into existence? 

What is the importance of two humans coming together despite different cultures, families, and atmosphere? 

Why is it so that one always acts as a dominant and the other as submissive out of two? 

Because of embarrassing each other in public, “Do you think that you both are happy with each other?”

Stay tuned to get insight into my next blog and detailed solution in my nonfiction self-talk book coming soon.

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Soumitra’s Mission

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3 thoughts on “Do Husband & Wife fight with each other?

  1. Husband and wife are two different individuals from different backgrounds.Difference in opinion and outlook is common between every couple because no two individual are same . Disagreement on issues may lead to resentment among them.Fighting in public is either immaturity or extreme intolerance for each other.The solution to such a problem cannot be one .Different solutions for different people. Let us see what you have in your store for us.

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