Does A Husband Spend Less Quality Time With His Wife?

Spending quality time between couples is necessary, isn’t it? 

Humans are social animals. Being social means we like togetherness, spending time with each other or with a group of friends or relatives. Togetherness provides an opportunity to share the feelings of each other irrespective of delightfulness or sadness. There is always a firm thought hover in everyone’s mind that he has the moral support available. If ever I need any help, the help is available. The wife always seeks help from her husband on all the mental, emotional, or physical needs being a couple. Suppose the husband is spending quality time with his wife; it is a sign of satisfaction for every wife that YES, her moral support is with her.

Husbands are reluctant to spend quality time with their wives. Isn’t it? 

In general, if I leave some exceptional cases, the husbands are reluctant to spend quality time with their wives. There could be various reasons in support or. They are busy with their bread and butter, work stress, anxiety, and much more to put up as an excuse. As a reality check, suppose the same person needs to find time to spend with someone outside or hang out with friends, then the work pressure, anxiety, bread, and butter are easily manageable. If the quality time is to be spent with the wife, then all sorts of excuses are in the standard note. There is a profuse rationale available with every husband. Still, the reality is that a husband must spend quality time with his wife to feel and to let another feel satisfaction and release dopamine chemicals in the couple’s brain. 

What is the solution for then? 

Quality time is not a daily dose. If husbands and wives are sitting for an hour seldom, suffice the need. This togetherness must not be interrupted with mobile, kids, and family members. Both must remain only with each other and share their emotions and converse with each other. Both the husband and the wife need to think about the situation. Suppose you are spending quality time with each other, and the relationship is on a good note. Great! Keep moving on. In a scenario where the quality time is missing, they have to retrospect; “Is it right in my life situation or not?” Suppose the answer is YES. Then everything is going well. On the contrary, if the answer is NO, then there is a need to work again or rethink. The baby step could be to start spending at least one hour as quality time once a month and increase the frequency up to twice on a regular note. 

Because of spending less quality time, have you ever thought, ‘Are you both even friends anymore?’ THINK.

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7 thoughts on “Does A Husband Spend Less Quality Time With His Wife?

  1. Truly said Sir.. Talking sharing spending time together serves as a mental food.. A life giving factor.. to wat ever you have to go through.. Through thick and thins.. Through light and dark..
    At certain age, physical need is left behind ; it’s mental peace and happiness that remains. I think all of us lure for such mental food and stability.. We human beings wish to have this companionship.. Which may lack sometimes.. Leaving a void a vacant corner.. That may gradually occupy whole of our persona.

  2. That is a very apt topic for today’s couple. I am sure this makes many think and reconcile. Useful blog.. All the best !

  3. That is a very apt topic for today’s couples. I am sure this makes many think and reconcile. Useful blog.. All the best !

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