Does Your Husband Bring A Rose or Bouquet?

Do you envisage that your husband must bring a rose or bouquet with or without occasion? 

Expecting a surprise or a gift is so crucial for humans, especially for women; why? 

Fundamentally humans like the adventurous feeling. The surprise moment or occurrence of any event that is either not expected or expected, and gets fulfilled, releases endorphins chemical in the brain. The release of endorphins decreases pain, produces a sense of euphoria, and boosts one’s immune system. This is what everyone looks for—a peaceful state of mind, free from anxiety, a cool, calm, and happy atmosphere. Women expect surprises much more due to their emotional nature, and the release of endorphins provides satisfaction to the emotional attachment. 

Why do not men show their inclination towards surprises or gifts? 

Men’s dominant quotient is IQ. He thinks rationally and logically, and he has less space for emotions. It may be possible that husbands do not feel for the materialistic gifts to maintain the relationship due to the dominant logical brain. Females are taught to take care of all the things in the family and married life, but comparatively, males aren’t trained to do so, and they become quite irresponsible towards their actions. Surprises and gifts get materialized from the inside when someone feels about it. The feeling brings responsibility, which remains missing in a relationship due to the husband’s rational, reflective nature. 

What is the solution available for this? 

Should women stop expecting surprises or gifts to maintain the relationship? No! Not at all

The solution is in communication. Once the expectations are communicated with appropriate messages indirectly, it always works. For example, an indirect message could be, “Since my childhood, I got a surprise of white orchids by my father on every birthday, and I love it.” If your husband is careless, then it is your responsibility to make him careful by positive hammering and not post tantrums on your resentment. Over expectations rooted through a volley of indirect messages and resulting in dissatisfaction will create anxiety in you. Balance is the key to success in the wake of a rejoicing relationship. 

Because of being less emotional, does your husband realize the necessity of spending quality time with you? THINK.

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Soumitra’s Mission

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