Does Your Husband Forget Your Anniversary Date Quite Often?

Have you ever been into a situation when your Husband missed the date of your anniversary? 

Did you feel hurt? Did your expectations get fulfillment? THINK.

Remembrance of Anniversary; Is it necessary? 

Yes, it is the most important day for a woman in her life. Why? For two reasons. First, she has left her parental vicinity for you and your family. Second, she has immolated her virginity to you. It is a deep emotional hurt for a woman if her husband forgets the anniversary date? 

Have you ever thought about why your husband forget your anniversary date? 

Firstly, the husband is really in a stressful atmosphere and struggles with the career or finances. Secondly, the husband has lost interest in his wife. He is feeling suffocated, which is an alarm for his wife. There could be many other reasons applicable. I am mentioning the primary and not trivial. 

What is the solution to this condition?

Husband forgetting anniversary is a significant factor to take care of. Husband and wife must introspect, converse, and bring the necessary changes in their attitude, life, and routine to keep the relationship healthy. The best help & support is available inside first. Provide a breathing space to each other. Put in your efforts to understand each other’s likes & dislikes. To clap, you need both hands. Both need to put in efforts for a healthy, happy, and positive relationship. Having expectations without conveying them on time and feel that the husband or wife is omniscient is a myth in married life. Communication is the key to success. Remember, communication not in terms of burden or over expectations. 

Do you think your husband neither acknowledges the special days nor considers bringing gifts? Does he? THINK

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Soumitra’s Mission

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