Does Your Husband Forget Your Birthday Quite Often?

Have you ever been into a situation when your Husband missed the date of your birthday?

Was it a tantrum day or day afterward with a “SORRY” Cake and heavy or lofty gifts to dress the scar on your emotional self?

WHY remembering a birthday is so essential for a wife or a lover in her life?

The wife or a lover is attached emotionally to her spouse or partner. They always look for care, empathy, compassion, love from their partners. For a female, the consideration is essential because every female is inside a mother and associates herself with care and love. One of the checking parameters for a female, whether her partner is caring, is remembering her birthday. So! Why would a woman not expect it from her partner? THINK.

Have you ever thought about why your spouse generally misses your Birthday?

Husband forgetting birthdays bring out various possibilities of the reasons. It might be possible that your partner is busy with his friends and colleague and misses your birthday. At the same time, it might be possible that your partner is under the stress or anxiety of the workplace, promotion, target achievement, or project deadline. There could be other inducements possible in the depth of the relationship. I would be discussing this in detail in my future writings of books.

What is the solution in this case?

Husband forgetting a birthday must not be a tantrum making ground among couples. The victim, the wife, needs to understand the situation. If you are complacent, move on. If repeated every year, try to find a way out to remind with regular intervals. Put your efforts to keep the situation under control by doing proactive work.

Do your surprise expectations seem like a burden to him?

It is equally important to consider whether the expectations are within the limit or out of the boundary. Everyone needs breathing space. The moment any partner tries to overlap the breathing space, suffocation gets ignited. You understand well how it feels when you suffocate. THINK about your situation and retrospect that does your husband forget your anniversary of marriage or affair too. Stay tuned to get insight into my next blog.

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Soumitra’s Mission

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