How the relationship between father and mother affects the children’s academics

Having a significantly extended and rich experience in the public domain, debut author Soumitra Singh Thakur, with his expertise in behavioral science, cognitive psychology, analysis, and a keen observer of human behavior, has discussed the basics of a joyous married life. He tells about how serving as a principal in school has made him realize that the relationship between a mother and father and the family atmosphere is the highest factor responsible for a student’s academic performance.

Children do what they see-

As the couples have an emotional connection with their children, they can sense unconditional love and affection or negativity between their parents. A healthy relationship has the power to turn a husband and wife into better parents to establish a better foundation to flourish their kids. All the effective parenting techniques and skills work better only if there is harmony between father and mother. Parents support their children’s education and achieve the educational goals that influence the kids’ health, happiness, relationship with their parents, and, most importantly, their school success.

Stressful environment-

Stress between the father and mother could be the first reason behind children’s academics’ low performing impact. Kids imitate what they see. Suppose they are perpetually watching their parents arguing, pulling each other down, blaming, fighting, and physical assaults. They imitate the behavior, and their subconscious mind will feed them to do the same in the future. The family atmosphere will never create a positive image in the sense of the child. The children in the family will feel insecure, and the insecurity will be visible in the children’s grade card. A lousy home environment also results in severe cases of depression in children at a very young age.

Affecting the child-

Unhealthy marriage relationships directly affect children’s psychological, physical, and social well-being. Repetitive exposure to conflicts between parents might lead to chronic stress, worry, anxiety, hopelessness, and struggles while performing in the school. The unfair terms between a married couple affect the kids’ emotional health because they cannot progress in their studies. A child learns about love and happiness when he/she lives in a loving environment, and parents show affection, kindness, compassion, and thoughtful act of service for one another. Like the mother tongue, the behavioral patterns are also instilled in the child at home. Parents’ negative behavioral patterns and imitation by children are common for children’s low performance in school. Suppose the father and mother will showcase the same positive behavior at home; it will be directly proportionate to the higher version of school children.

What to do now?

The parents are in dire need of essential tips to build their children’s promising career and future. The first step starts by making a happy home, which establishes an outcome of their children’s best grades in school grade cards. The spouse showing love and affection towards each other and their children build their children’s emotional self. The gratefulness depicted towards the elderly and younger family members brings harmony to the family, and consensus instilled in young children’s character gets boomerang later in their adult life.

Parents who can manage their work and family stress develop a workable solution that provides learning to their children to sort the issues and move on in life.

“Not giving up” and “moving on in life” is the motto of joyous life for any human being living on this planet.

The insightful understanding of human relationships in the form of a series of books is on the way from the pen of enlightened soul and transmuted personality Soumitra Singh Thakur. Stay tuned with his debut nonfiction book, which will have self-talk with you.

<strong>Soumitra's Mission</strong>
Soumitra’s Mission

To help people build a happy human relationship to live a harmonious life.

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