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Love Your Wife

I agree, being in a marriage is not always a bed of roses. It takes a lot of work and effort for living that ‘Happily ever after,’ no matter whether you have been married for years or just tied the knot. Being a human relations practitioner, here is a little something from an observer point of view, for husbands to have a stronger, healthier, happy, and yes… more blissful bond with their wives.

How to begin?

You ought to recall all those times when it was a lot of fun to love your wife like crazy, back when everything was new, fresh, and exciting. You have to remind yourself that was the reason you fell for her and got married to her. All those happy memories were something you kept in your mind for living the rest of your life with her. 

What could be the reason?

You may have stress and never-ending self-expectations of having a perfect life; get in the way of everything that includes relationships at home, especially with your partner. Boredom follows more boredom, and even before we realize it, we have already entered into that phase where we accept things as they are and tend to do nothing about them. We start believing and preparing ourselves to settle for them because “That’s life! Come on, everyone does!”

Well, I would say being numb is not necessarily the only option. You can enjoy marriage and love your wife again with the same passion as before. Just try following a few tips that I mention here.

Commit always to choose love

No marriage is happy all the time. Every couple and every relationship faces ups and downs. But make sure when you fight with your wife, make room for her so that she can convey how she feels. That is what happy marriages do. Always choose love over all rational arguments and aggression. Do not worry about how hard it becomes for you to force yourself into it but make a commitment always to give her what she needs the most from you…your love.

Talk about her and spend time with her.

She is putting every bit and piece of her into making things available for you and your children at every point in time. She deserves a fair amount of love, care, and time from you for what she does to give you a complete family. Ask her about her day, her thoughts, her needs, or just be together, be there for her at all times and remember how great it is to hang out simply.

But you might need a guide handbook..?

My self-talk book ‘Love Your Wife’ help all the married men and eligible bachelors know all the secrets involved in a content marriage and explain women’s expectations in different life situations. It answers all the triggering questions about married life, such as:

•How to understand the non-verbal language of your wife/ partner?

•How to control your mind and your desires for a third wheel in the relationship?

•How to understand the thin line between sex and making love?

•How to keep love alive and more vital for the long term in your marriage?

•How to strengthen the bond at various stages of your married life?

So get your hands on it to keep the flame of love in your marriage alive!

<strong>Soumitra's Mission</strong>
Soumitra’s Mission

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