A couple is a Good Friend on social media. Isn’t it?

Portraying the right couple image on social media is the truth of today’s married life, isn’t it? 

We live in society. As per our social behavior, we always think to be presentable and acceptable in the community. Today community showcasing nature has shifted their domain from physical to virtual.  Everyone portrays an excellent social image on different social platforms irrespective of the reality in life. Depicting the exemplary social embodiment on all virtual screens is as if a necessity in the current time. Why? It is because we actually want to live like what we show off but do not really live. We have lost the physical connection to get emotionally and socially satisfied as a person. 

Couples mostly portray their fake images before the world, generally contradicting the real situation. What do you think? 

As social beings, we cannot depict our negative image to anyone in the world. Anyone who possesses a negative personality always illustrates an advantageous embodiment to the world. Irrespective of the relationship we are into, we still ever-present ourselves as a contented person. The make-up is the key to presentation. Why is so much make-up needed? The make-up is very much needed because it is out of the question to live with a negative image in society. Society will never let a dismissive personality live among themselves. This is why whatsoever is going on between the two, and the community must not be aware of it. In this condition, it is imperative to showcase the best part of yours. Concurrently a feeling of jealousy takes birth in your mind when you look at other happy couples. But here, you are unaware of their inside story. 

What is the solution for this? 

The solution is simple. Understanding each other’s nature & behavioral patterns puts the ego aside, at least in the case of a husband and wife. Keeping the mobile phone outside the bedroom before going to bed and having a 10 minutes conversation for at least a month will lead to a festive atmosphere that will lessen the need to fool the world about our relationship. The genuine relationship will be visible to the world, which will have it’s fragrance identifiable by everyone. 

Because of being good friends on social media only, “Do both of you acknowledge your bond in front of other people in physical gatherings?” THINK.

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Soumitra’s Mission

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6 thoughts on “A couple is a Good Friend on social media. Isn’t it?

  1. Wat is the solution? A stage comes wen u no longer had to pose ; wat ever inside gradually comes out before public.. Usually comes out in the form of frustration anger making the partner more humiliated before others, praising others ridiculing one’s own relationship paving way for others to get into the relationship.. This kind of public humiliation breaks everything

  2. True, Actually people present themself the way society want to see them irrespective of their personal challenges. They have forget Wife, kids, family are before any job and society.

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